For your EPA you need to showcase all the elements below, and evidence of the work undertaken.


Content Planning

Interpret the objectives of the client’s/customer’s brief

Research ideas and concepts to meet the brief

Analyse the differences between media campaigns aimed at retention, acquisition and conversion of customers for clients

Identify & recommend the appropriate platform/s or channel/s to use for the media campaign

Present ideas, pitches and proposals for creative content to be further developed

Present ideas, pitches and proposals for creative content to be further developed


How to identify the commercial drivers for a client/customer

The importance of brand, brand awareness and the intended audience within a brief

How print and digital audiences differ and the different communication styles that could be used

How creative content can be used across channels and platforms
How to work within a budget allocation for a brief

Where content creation fits within a marketing strategy

The applicability of emerging technologies, standards and trends to a campaign

How to select/create a metadata schema to classify content for storage


Content Development

Storyboard and outline script their ideas for content to be developed

Operate effectively within the production workflow

Obtain media assets for use within content creation

Ensure content is accessible to all end users and language best practice is applied

Develop and maintain effective working relationships with clients, colleagues and suppliers

Understand the user experience to ensure content is focused on maximising engagement


The different styles of writing that can be used according to the type of campaign

How to establish the appropriate tone of voice for the campaign
How to write text for a non-linear medium

Understand the end to end production workflow process and the key stages, and own role within this

The regulatory and legal requirements when using media assets such as copyright, intellectual property rights, web accessibility etc

Understand the principles of negotiation and how to apply these when acquiring channel and platform space or time.


Content Creation

Write and edit copy for use in print and online

Capture images and audio using basic video, still cameras and audio equipment

Use industry standard packages to edit and post produce content

Prepare media assets for use

Manage media assets correctly, within agreed taxonomies and file types

Optimise webpage content to ensure high rankings in search engine results

Use industry standard tools and content management systems to manage content

Assist in hosting message boards and engaging with audiences through social media

Respond to audience feedback in a timely and appropriate manner

Use lessons learned to evaluate the success of the campaign and identify areas for improvement for future campaigns


A comprehensive grasp of grammar, punctuation and spelling

How to write copy that persuades a person or group or raises brand awareness

How to capture video, pictures, graphics and sound from various formats, in preparation for non-linear editing

How the editing approach affects the production of the content
How to identify and manipulate media assets from various sources

How to securely store and access media assets

How to archive, conserve and preserve images

How to use search-engine optimisation techniques

How to publish web pages using mark-up and style sheets

How to segment and understand audiences

How to gather data to evaluate the success of the campaign against the client/customer objectives


Industry Awareness

Develop, maintain and use professional networks

Develop and maintain own competence and knowledge in specialist areas

Follow health and safety procedures in the workplace


The culture of creative media organiastions

Commercial pressures, project deadlines and organisation working practices

How to manage and market their own skills and services

Tasks to Complete

You will be directed to complete tasks inline with your employment and your role. However you can undertak these task below  


Investigate the Image and Video Module. Capturing your own content is key to originality. Get your smartphone and start to take videos and images. Look at your setting on your phone and ensure you are using the highest setting possible.

Take pictures and videos that really engage you! Do you like fishing or taking the dog for a walk? anything you are passionate in.

Take at least 10 IMAGES and 5 videos, in various settings and backgrounds, think about what you have learnt in the modules.